Over the years, hundreds of patients have helped us help others by providing feedback on their experiences here at the Uptown Wellness Center. Most of these patients did not delay their care and let their symptoms get worse -- they chose to do something about their health. We are looking forward to the day where you too will have your own testimonial of health & wellness! Come in & see for yourself why the Uptown Wellness Center has a 96% Referral Rate!

Our Patients Speak...

  • "My family and I were involved in a bad car wreck, and our lawyer referred us right away to the Uptown Center. They took really good care of us, and we got chiropractic care with massage session from the therapists. I feel almost as good as before the accident, which is pretty darn good for me since the car was totalled."
    ~ Mrs. L, working mother of 3
  • "I've been to many chiropractors in my time, and I must say that the quality of care and the level of professionalism is second to none. The Uptown Wellness Center is one of the most clean, well-kept and professionally operated health centers in all of So-Cal."
    ~ J.T., retired teacher
  • "My girlfriends and I come often to get massages here - this place rocks! They have the best staff, the best location and the best prices around. This place smells good too! For the price of one session at the expensive spas, we can get 4 to 5 times more! hooray for me."
    ~ T.S., CEO
  • "I had very severe weight gain, and also took up smoking...so decided to give acupuncture a try. Although it took some time, I was amazed at the results. Along with better diet, exercise and chinese herbs, I lost over 30 pounds and dropped smoking to one cig every two days."
    ~ R.F., Truck driver
  • "For the past 4 years, my son & daughter have been coming to this clinic to get their yearly physicals for sports, cheer, band, and Boy Scouts. For $20 they do a more thorough exam than most doctors we know. They also carry great foot supports - superfeet are the best!"
    ~ Mrs. K.

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